Open science statement is an online convergence place for all cyclostratigraphers. As such, this website aims at offering reliable information and tools for high-quality learning and teaching, as well as a platform for scientific discussion and the exchange of innovative ideas.

The website is open to the whole community, and can be approached for critical comments on the content and presentation. We consider a cyclostratigraphy community in constructive communication an important aspect, and this website is meant as part of it.

We strongly believe that science in general, and cyclostratigraphy in particular, should be a facilitator, and not an obstacle to reducing racial, gender and economic inequality. It is therefore our policy to make all scientific content available free of charge, so that anyone with an interest in cyclostratigraphy can benefit.

However, our commitment towards inclusiveness goes beyond open-access. To ensure that is an inclusive online community that embraces the full diversity of scientists, we make every effort to cover as wide a spectrum of lecturers as possible. We are more likely to develop inspiring teaching material by tapping into the skills, talents, and experiences that lecturers of different backgrounds bring. We hope that the diversity in lecturers allows each platform user to identify at least one role model.

Science is a human activity that unfolds against a historical, social, and political background; as such, it can reflect prevailing societal injustice and power structures. The core team is still learning about how best to champion equal opportunities and eliminate the impediments that underrepresented scientists face as they pursue their education and career. We encourage anyone with inspiration on how to better implement and reflect this ambition on this platform, to pass on suggestions using our contact details.