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*** NEW - CIP2.0 first circular and case studies online***

The circular with practical information about participation is online now - please download here.

CIP2.0 case study materials are also available, please download instructions here, CIP2.0 case study 1 here, and case study 2 here.

More inforation will be provided here soon.

What is cyclostratigraphy?

Cyclostratigraphy is an important concept for understanding astronomical climate forcing and reading geological time in sedimentary sequences, provided that an imprint of insolation variations caused by Earth’s orbital eccentricity, obliquity and/or precession is preserved (Milankovitch forcing). However, this website is also open to cyclostratigraphers who study shorter or longer rhythms in System Earth.

In 2018, the Cyclostratigraphy Intercomparison Project (CIP) assessed the robustness of cyclostratigraphic methods using an experimental design of three artificial cyclostratigraphic case studies with known input parameters. This experiment demonstrated that cyclostratigraphy is a powerful tool for deciphering time in sedimentary successions and, importantly, that it is a trainable skill. This website is the concrete translation of the lessons learned from CIP. The main purpose of is to bring together and organize the cyclostratigraphic community: We want to do achieve this by offering high-quality learning materials in cyclostratigraphy, while also providing a platform where scientific results can be announced and open questions can be discussed. On the basis of these action points, we want to actively champion the robustness of cyclostratraphic applications in Earth sciences.

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