Please see the flyer below for the next CycloCafé, Stephen Meyers will talk about the 'astrochron' R package this time.

Feel free to join us at

CycloCafé: A problem shared is half solved.

Successful cyclostratigraphic studies require many decisions and interpretations. Young early-career cyclostratigraphers in particular might feel overwhelmed by the many many judgements to make, often accompanied by doubts as to which setting to use, or how to interpret a specific result. To eliminate these uncertainties and to ultimately improve the quality of cyclostratigraphic studies, a CycloCafé will be organized on a monthly basis starting June 17th, 2022. To accommodate different time zones, the meetings will alternate between 07:00 AM UTC (afternoon in Australasia), and 15:00 UTC (morning in the Americas). The CycloCafé is a virtual Zoom room where starting cyclostratigraphers can discuss their problems among themselves, under the guidance and direction of experienced cyclostratigraphers.  The first meeting will happen under the guidance of Mingsong Li (Peking University, China) and David De Vleeschouwer (Münster University, Germany). Join us in Zoom room number 661 993 27887 (no password) at 07:00 AM UTC.